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OHA is a pebble designed to soothe anxious symptoms such as hyperventilation and lack of focus. It is based on the concept of repetitive motions, which biologically have a calming affect on the brain. The textures and movements of the pebble activate a sensory awareness through Grounding. The Grounding technique is a form of mindfulness, which is used to reorient a person to the here-and-now. This is highly beneficial in calming anxiety,

as it refrains one from getting lost in the worrisome and negative thoughts and brings them back to the

present moment.

The OHA pebble is fashioned to be a versatile portable object and is available in different colours. It can be disguised as a pendant and attached to a necklace, used as a keychain or simply carried around in a pocket or bag. This allows for use anytime and anywhere, as anxiety is unpredictable.

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