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// KYDA //


Kyda is a contemporary Indian collection that tells the story of the imperial Mughal women and their influence on the Mughal architecture.The Mughal women have been portrayed to be objects of sexuality, chastity and purity. Most of the  architecture of that time was greatly influenced and even designed by some of these imperial women. However, their power and importance has been hidden in history, behind the feats of man.   It has been years since the decline of the Mughal Empire, however gender inequality is still alive in India today. It’s about time the veil is lifted. Kyda’s purpose is to empower women.

The Mughals were highly spiritual and implemented this even in the details of their architecture.  Similarly, the pieces of the collection are placed on symbolic parts of the body, that represent the overlooked powerful facets of a woman.  

* The maang tikka, worn on the head symbolises the mind and intellect.

* The choker is worn around the neck. Within the neck lies the voice box, the seat of communication. So, this piece represents voice.

* Finally, the shoulder brooch. The signification of the shoulder is all power and strength. (The hand represents power, the arm - greater power and the shoulder - all power.)    

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