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Everyday, cardboard boxes are used for packaging, shipping and storage, as the material is light, versatile, inexpensive and durable. However, as handy and beneficial as they are, once used they get discarded.

This probably happens because cardboard has a plain, unrefined and crude appearance. So, the material’s value

and qualities get overlooked. Using the contradictory keywords ‘raw sophistication’, the project aims to bring out the many excellent qualities of cardboard. A speaker is the ideal product to be created, as cardboard attains sound wave damping abilities, when pulped. Therefore the sound quality of the speaker gets enhanced. This gives cardboard the platform to prove itself to be the sustainable and eco-friendly competitor, that deserves recognition in the design field. 

 Artisound is a rustic, portable speaker made from recycled cardboard. It’s form and curves are inspired by the exquisite culture of india. This 6 inch speaker may be small in size, but isn’t subtle in sound. With bluetooth 4.2 technology and a 3.5mm auxilary input, connection to a device is a breeze. Artisound has a built-in battery life of up to 8 hours and answering of phone calls, through the simple press of a button could never be easier. Feel the sound, hear the artistry, cardboard reinvented.

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