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// AMANA //


 Unconventional jewellery designed to adorn the disregarded parts of the body, was the inspiration behind the piece. After careful observation and analysis of the human anatomy, the thumb and the lateral wrist was chosen - on the whole, highlighting the feature of the opposable thumb. This facet is intriguing as it distinguishes us humans from animals. An opposable thumb is one which can be moved around to touch the other fingers. This movement provides the ability to grip. Although primates share the same capability, the mobility and range of the human thumb is much more.

The piece is a sort of thumb glove, with an opening for the lateral wrist bones to peek through. Brass wire, of different thicknesses was the material used and the main technique adopted was crochet. The article resembles armour, hence the name ‘Amana’ - a Hawaiin word for warrior.  

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