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// A TRIBUTE TO ___ . 


 ‘A Tribute to _ ’ is a ritual designed to engage the individual in an exquisite experience of creating a vessel from kiwis. Kiwis possess a skin with a beautiful hair-like texture. After removing the flesh of the fruit from the skin,using the specially designed spoon, a unique material is formed; one that is delicate, yet has visual and textural interest. This layer is used to form a bowl, which has a soft, furry inner surface and a smooth waxy outer surface. The entire vessel is water-proof and has the ability to float on water.

Sentimental items, flowers or candles are to be placed within the bowl, and the sole purpose of it is to offer thanks for what one has been blessed with in life. The offering is to be set afloat on a water body as the skies dim at sunset, allowing it to illuminate its surroundings. As the vessel drifts away, the individual performing the ritual will be filled with feelings of satisfaction, fulfillment and gratitude. 

The implement (spoon) possesses a broad tongue-like surface and a long, narrow one, on opposite ends. The former has a gentle dip, just enough to gracefully separate the flesh from the skin. Its curves harmonise with those of the fruit, thereby minimising the risk of tears in the delicate membrane. The latter, on the contrary, has a more prominent depression, one that forms a comfortable fit for the thumb of the user; overall, creating a satisfying experience. Either side of the spoon can be used to scoop, based on the width of the surface to be worked on. 

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